Michelle Betshner


Owner; Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

I fell in love with art and beauty from a young age. When I was younger, I knew I had a talent when it came to art. I started by getting my hands into any art form I could. From drawing, painting, scrapbooking, and everything else. When I was about thirteen, I colored my hair for the first time. I then went on to changing it constantly, by having my hair a new shade every two-three months. As I got older, I started with makeup from my love of winged eyeliner, making sure it was done to perfection every single day. That was when I noticed I had a real passion for it. I started in the beauty industry right out of High School. By fall, I had enrolled in PB Cosmetology Centre for their Cosmetology Program. My teacher was a huge influence on me, she taught me everything I needed to know about the industry and took me under her wing. There I learned how to correctly do anything and everything beauty related. 

Once I graduated, I took a step back from beauty and went on to get my Associate degree in Art at Rowan college. From there, I took on a few marketing jobs where I learned the ins and outs of business and the importance of a team-based environment. I always had that business ambition, but I never pushed myself to make it come to life until I saw and worked as a social media director and manager of a small dog walking business. This job showed me that if I put my heart and soul into it, I could make it real. 

My favorite makeup looks to do are bright & colorful, but I also enjoy a soft sparkly glam. I love doing sleek elegant looks when it comes to hairstyles. Some of my favorite brands are Colourpop, Morphe, NYX and Not Your Mother’s. My favorite part about working on a client is making them feel beautiful, confident and excited for their event. There is truly no feeling better than that. My main goal for the business is to use all the concepts I have learned over the years and make Vibrant n’ Chic into a company that is team-orientated, helps people and eventually flourish into something great for each and every member of our chic squad. 

Eva Lorenzini

Client Relations Director; Makeup Artist & Esthetician

I’m Eva, I am a licensed esthetician and makeup artist. I have had a great love for everything and anything beauty related for as long as I can remember. For schooling, I went to the Rizzieri Aveda School where I graduated in 2016. Ever since, I have been focused on helping people feel like their most confident and beautiful selves. 

Most people would agree that I am a creative and artistic individual. When I am not doing makeup, on myself or others, I am usually doing something else that lets me work on my artistic skills. Activities from painting, drawing, designing, photography and more. I adore the fact that I can just put my creativity to use by helping someone’s visions come to life. On their face or on a canvas! Soft glam looks are my absolute favorite to create. I love using smoky matte neutral shades with pops of gold or silver shimmers to create the perfect soft glam looks. Some of my all-time favorite makeup brands include Morphe, MAC, L’Oréal, Anastasia Beverly Hills and NYX Cosmetics. When it comes to great skincare, my favorite brands are Mario Badescu, Jan Marini, Aveda and Pacifica. 

 My favorite kind of events to work are big weddings. I love doing makeup for all kinds of events, big or small, but there’s something extremely special about being able to help a bride, plus her family and friends, just feel amazing inside and out on such a big day. I pride myself on going above and beyond for all of my clients. I make sure to be providing each and every one of my clients with a fabulous and satisfying service for them to remember.

Denaya Dixon


Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

I am a Salem County native. One year for my birthday, my mother bought me a pair of eyelashes. I knew nothing about them then. Not even how to put them on. I researched on YouTube to learn how to apply them and my life changed, forever. All the beautiful artwork on people’s faces sparked my passion. From that point on, I bought products and I practiced more and more. My favorite client to work on is my nine year old daughter, Symphanie, who is just as artistic and creative as myself. I realized why not take this passion further. I then enrolled in school at Robert Fiance Beauty School in Pitman, NJ. Not only did I pursue makeup, but I learned all other things Cosmetology related. I graduated in September 2018. 

Since graduating, I have been behind and in front of the chair creating hair and makeup looks. I always had a passion in anything with art whether it was poetry, drawing, or just being creative in any way I could. I never knew it would lead me here, but I’m glad it did. My favorite makeup looks are cut creases, whether it is super dramatic or very subtle. I love using bright colors and different combinations, with some of my favorite makeup palette’s from Morphe & Juvia’s Place. And let’s not forget my all-time favorite highlighting palette, Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Palette. Halloween is my favorite holiday because I love creating horror and fantasy looks on clients.  

The best part about my job is making everyone feel beautiful inside and out, in their own unique way. Whether it is simple or over the top. Education never stops in this industry. To be the best you one can be, you must learn and practice, practice, practice. Always remember beauty comes from within, and whenever you are feeling you need a change, just enhance it with a new look.

Rachel Null

Makeup Artist & Esthetician

I am the youngest of four and growing up I always wanted to be just like my siblings. The problem with that was I was just not athletic. I was, on the other hand, very creative. I’ve always had an eye for things that are aesthetically pleasing. Whether it is deciding which flowers look best paired together, how to make food presentation look great, or most importantly, a perfect winged eyeliner.

I started wearing makeup in the seventh grade. I started with nothing crazy, just eyeliner in my water line, created with an eyeliner pencil that I used to heat up with a lighter! As crazy as it sounds, it just worked for me. It wasn’t until high school that I started to watch my older sister do her eyeshadow and began to ask a million questions. After that, I started to practice and immediately fell in love with everything about makeup. Winged eyeliner is my go-to look, but you can never go wrong with a neutral eye and some falsie lashes. My favorite makeup brands to work with are Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Morphe, NYX Cosmetics and Beauty Bakerie. 

Being someone with a lot of health issues, I believe wholeheartedly that if you look good, you'll feel good. Confidence is true beauty. There is no better feeling than doing someone's hair or makeup and seeing their face light up, once they turn to the mirror. Outside of work you can find me reading, eating, taking pictures, or binging YouTube videos and Netflix. Most importantly, spending time with my loved ones is my favorite pastime. Oh, and I could never forget my cats!

Courteney Parisi

Makeup Artist & Esthetician

My creativity started to show in the third grade, when I would refuse to go to school without an eyeshadow on that matched my outfit. From that time on, I always knew what path I would want to take in life. That path was to create art on the faces of others and help enhance their natural beauty. I shortly discovered that not only was I artistic when it came to faces, but I could transfer my fantasies onto paper just as well. This has turned into a weekly ritual for me. Especially when I need to relieve some stress and want to step into my own little world for a little, to escape this one.

In October of 2017, I attended the Makeup Designory in New York City, where I completed the multimedia program that consisted of 602 hours. During this time, I learned how to really use my creative side and how to use it correctly. Combining my ideas with other makeup artists and seeing our fantasies come to life was truly exciting, as well as rewarding. Not only did we learn basic makeup application, contouring, soft glam, Avant Garde and special occasion makeup, but we also learned how to completely transform one’s facial structure with prosthetics, to create our desired look. I went into the Makeup Designory not knowing anything about prosthetics and truly having no interest. That quickly changed into my never-ending love for the way you can create any ghost or goblin with just a few little tricks. This truly can make any fantasy come to life.

A few staple brands you can find in my professional makeup kit are Ben Nye, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Pretty Vulgar and Too Faced Cosmetics. Shortly after completing the multimedia program at the Makeup Designory, I went on to continue my education at Capri Institute, which is where I have received my license as an Esthetician. This program helped me understand different skin types and what products are a good match for my client’s skin. As a Makeup Artist, you come in contact with all sorts of skin types and I wanted to make sure I could be of assistance to anyone that needed the help. Learning in this industry is endless and it’s continuously growing. You have to be open minded and go with the flow of new trends and new looks. I hope to inspire others to do what they love and to be as creative as their hearts truly desire.

Jessica Houser


Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 2016, I went to the Gloucester County Institute of Technology for my cosmetic training. At GCIT, every year we held an event called “The Style-A-Thon”. It was a day long fundraiser, open to our community, where people of all ages could come in and get anything done. From blow-outs to a full set of nails, all for a cheap price. The money we raised went towards Benefit the City of Hope Cancer Research. Along with this, we also had a fashion show, themed differently each year, where our cosmetology students would do each other’s hair and makeup, and raise money for Wigs & Wishes. This organization was founded by Martino Cartier, who is a GCIT cosmetology alum. Every year he would come out to support the students and give a speech about his organization and how much we have helped it grow.

Some of my favorite makeup brands are Morphe, Urban Decay, Kat Von D and Becca Cosmetics. My favorite thing to do is eyeshadow. I think it is extremely fun to mix together different combinations of colors and to get so many pretty outcomes. Some of my hobbies outside of the makeup world are being involved in philanthropic events through my college university, spending time with friends from home and watching food videos on YouTube.

Since my time at GCIT, I've been continually experimenting in cosmetics since then! One of my favorite past times is to try out new hair and makeup looks, and I am always practicing on my friends and family. The feeling of making someone feel gorgeous just warms my heart. I am so excited to get back into the beauty world and to extend my beauty knowledge by working with my beautiful team and clients. 

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